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Thread: new update more t500 problems

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    Angry new update more t500 problems

    Can anybody get their t500 to work. I was able to play the game when first released but since the first update nothing but problem after problem. Either no force feedback at all with everything set to max or wheel needs to held at 10 o'clock to drive in a straight line. These are just a couple of problems of many, the game is totally unplayable. I have spent hours calibrating and recalibrating the wheel or adjusting setting trying to get it to work long enough to to have 1 race with no success. Totally p***** off with what should be a fantastic game.

    Tried again today still having problems, message saying controller is disconnected. Pressed button to continue and wheel is offset by about 30 degrees. This happened twice. Cannot complete a race without having to recalibrate all the time.Bloody frustrating. When will they fix the game.
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