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Thread: "Fan Chat" displaying incorrectly

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    "Fan Chat" displaying incorrectly

    This is just a tiny annoyance, but it's grating on me:

    When in career mode, after finishing an invitational race the fake twitter on the career home screen shows the wrong reactions. After coming in first, there are plenty of tweets talking about how I was slow, or how I had a bad race, sometimes mixed in with ones about how I won. I think ones for the full season and individual races are getting mixed in, as well.

    I've won the first of the superkart championships, but I haven't finished the full season yet, so they might be referring to the UK nationals or whatever? either way, I won every race so I don't know where they're getting the negative reactions from.

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    LOL! Great find. Confused fans are confused.

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    Just played some more and finished up the season. Once I went into the next season everything was fine, I'm going to guess it was just the patch messing something up with my save. If it crops up again I might resurrect this, but i doubt it will.

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