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Thread: car loses grip out when breaking really hard

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    Question car loses grip out when breaking really hard

    hi there!

    i am playing with the controller and i am trying to play without any assistance.
    since i started playing without assistance i noticed that when i break really hard the back loses any grip and i crash.
    i noticed that the slower i get (nearly to standing still) the worse it gets.

    can anyone explain what the reason of this is? when i could unterstand the reason of it I think I could react to it better. right now it feels like something i don't unterstand or even worse a bug in the game.

    thanks in advance!

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    Sound like you locking you brakes

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    Umer Ahmad
    Move brake bias forward and reduce pressure. Are you using ABS?

    Basically your rear tyres are locking causing you to spin. Better to have the fronts lock first, then you will not spin but just slide forward.
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    That is what happens when you brake really hard, the wheels will lock up and you wont have any control over the car and will slide (which is what ABS is supposed to resolve under real heavy braking).

    A few things you can do to reduce this, one under controller setrings reduce the brake sensitivity so that you're not accidentally pressing the brake too hard.

    Then reduce the brake pressure a little and move the brake bias forward a little bit so that more brake pressure will be on the front and not on the rear.
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    When you lock up, steering will go away. Try braking a bit earlier, and not as hard. It'll take some practice, but you'll get it down.

    Good luck!

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