I went to the race career of 25 hours of Bathurst, I moved to 3-hour cycle.
I'm running every race with 80% of IA and have done great disputes, but this proof is impossible to run against 80% AI as some of you may know uses a simplified physics, and this is reflected in a grip beyond the limits in some clues, this test personally is impossible to walk to the IA.
I trained a lot, knew very well the track of other simulators, I consider myself a good driver, I am constantly, do not make many mistakes, but this race was no way I was with Ruf, my best rounds in training were in the range of 2:23, dropped on 28, the IA with the same car was turning my 2.19. Accompanying the boxes around AI one realizes that it is impossible to do both of them had a car turning to 2.16.
I went to the race anyway, I wanted to enjoy the experience and not just win the race.
At the start as always very strong broad people in relation to IA. Went from 28th to 15th on the first lap, then on were three hours of defense by position, the test does not like walking the same in practice, have to maneirar, besides the risk of collisions the car is heavier.
The AI ​​was running like in training, F1 McLaren in the 10 laps were almost giving me a ride in the race had everything, bug in boxes, car stuck in the grass, sun, rain, day, evening, night, sun on the face , everything was perfect, if not for the exaggerated speed of AI.
I could simply download the IA to 70% or 60%, but the question is that other evidence can run against up to 80% with relative ease, but this is impossible.
I finished the race in position 23 behind me had 4 Caterham and 3 cars that did not complete the race.
I think the producers should fix this in the near Patch.