F1 2015 takes pole position in UK charts, outsells F1 2014 by 367%

VVV: "In news that will probably surprise no-one, Codemasters' F1 2015 has finished in pole position in the UK charts, debuting at number one and racing ahead of the acclaimed Askham Knight.

In fact, F1 2015 has been so successful that it's already outsold F1 2014's week one sales by a whopping 367%" (F1 2015, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

On a general note for racing games in general sales seem to be good for all dev's at the moment , considering that the currenet gen consoles don't have a large amount of racing game I think that is helping sales immensely.

Which looks good for the future for us as if sales are good you can just a bout guarantee the future of that product.

Its going to be some great times ahead for us with future titles coming e.g Project cars 2 , dirt looks fantastic , assetto corsa and so on .......................... I'm excited that developers are choosing to bring these titles to consoles as well as PC ...

Great times ahead .....And well worth getting good peripherals to play these games on.