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Thread: Project Cars (PC) CTD 07/16/2015

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    Project Cars (PC) CTD 07/16/2015


    ::::BUG ERROR REPORT::::

    Unhandled exception trapped. EXCEPTION_ACSESS_VIOLATION at 0x40813e3a. Writing to Address 0x475b8617.

    Thread 0c000013fc

    Build SMSARI.20150624. 1032.BLDA000



    Lenovo Y50 (Laptop(Notebook))

    16gb Ram

    Windows 8.1 (latest build of date)

    Nvidia GTX 860m (Latest Driver of Date)

    i7 @3.30ghz

    Running in windowed mode using the x64 STEAM shortcut. 1080/ 920 Res.

    FPS at time of crash 51

    Dual Screen with processor not reaching higher then 40%

    No Other Games Running.

    Using Logitech F130 Controller

    Career Mode; GT 5; June 13th (in game); Round 3/5; At Silverstone; 100% Session Length; 80 Opponent Skill; Allow Restarts = Yes; Soft Tires; Custom Pit w/ No Repairs.

    Driving the Ginetta G40.

    :::: DxDIAG::::

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    Thanks; will pass this along.

    MB Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390 // CPU Intel i9 9900K // RAM Corsair Vengeance RGP Pro 32GB DDR4 @3200MHz // GPU Gigabyte nVidia 1080 Ti // M.2 NVME SSD Samsung 960 EVO 2TB // SSD Samsung 850 Evo 1TB

    CPU Cooler NZXT Kraken x62 280mm AIO // Case Fractal Design Define R6 Type C // Display ASUS PG34Q 34" 3440x1400 100Hz G-SYNC LCD // Speakers Logitech Z5500-D 5.1ch // OS Windows 10 Pro x64// Build Default Parameters

    VR Oculus Rift CV1 // Wheel Fanatec CSR Elite // Pedals Fanatec Clubsport // Shifter Thrustmaster TH8RS with InterfaceOne wheel adapter // Head Tracking TrackIR v4 // Audio Transducer ButtKicker Gamer v2.0 // Seat PlaySeat Executive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 View Post
    Thanks; will pass this along.
    Much Appreciated. Also to note; This has been happening quite a few times to me and I already verified Cache on STEAM; No Files Missing. Forgot to mention that.

    Thanks again.


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