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Thread: Refueling - How is it suppose to work?

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    Refueling - How is it suppose to work?

    People, I need a little help.

    I'm doing the Le Mans 24 Hours race as an invitational.

    I already done three stints and I've noticed that every time I got to the pits my crew don't fill up my tank. I always edit my strategy when I get to the pit lane and I always make sure to define the maximum ammount of fuel.

    I started the race with 74 liters. After the first stop, I left with 59.3. In the second one, I left with 70 liters and now I left with 59.3.

    I have strategies saved and all of them are preset to fill my tank to the max.

    Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong?

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