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Thread: Any chance on getting this feature?

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    Any chance on getting this feature?

    I am a PC and a PS4 console gamer and this feature for the PS4 would GREATLY improve gameplay. I see that a new patch is available for PC addressing some issues but nothing for console. Maybe the Development Team could cook something up so that the next patch for console might include this functionality?

    pCARS Dash
    Created by Pocket Playground, this second screen app allows you to display vehicle dashboard info, lap timings, or even telemetry data from your current session directly onto an iOS or Android device. Give it to a friend and they can act as your pit engineer monitoring your race and giving you valuable info!
    This is the creators statement:
    Notice regarding pCars Dash and PS4 / XBox1
    At the moment its not possible to use pCars Dash with the PS4 or XB1 version of Project Cars because the Project Cars interface which pCars Dash links to is only available on the PC. We have requested that Slightly Mad Studios (the makers of Project Cars) look at adding an interface that can allow this app (and other 3rd party apps) to work with the PS4 and XB1 versions. Hopefully this will happen in the near future so this app and others can be made available to all Project Cars players.

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    No need to post the same thing twice mate.

    You have already been answered in this thread.....
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    A few helpful links for you

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