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Thread: G29 Discussions, Plus Support and Settings

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    Youtube calibration videos show a blue line and 3 digit numerical value which change during calibration.
    I see a blue line (no changes) and the number 100 (which also never changes).
    Nothing changes visually on screen, at all, when I go through calibration.
    Faulty wheel? Anything I might try other than plugging and unplugging it in again? Common fault? Me lol?

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    Problem sorted. As you were.

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    Hello guys,

    i am very new to sim racing and project cars. I bought a g29 wheel but i dont have the expertise to understand all the pages and understand it. can anyone point me to right page for the best general settings? i would really appreciate it.

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    Calibrate properly and get used to the wheel on default settings. Eventually you'll play with tone and and fx and get the wheel to give you the info you want.
    G29 FFB RAW 70-50-5-10

    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?

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