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Thread: [IMPORTANT] - Annulment of some rounds of championship SMS/R

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    [IMPORTANT] - Annulment of some rounds of championship SMS/R

    Hi everybody,

    I want to dedicate this message to the staff.

    I really appreciate (like many players) the change of the regulations about track limits applicated during the last round on Nurburgring GP.
    I also really appreciate that the staff is continously listening carefully to the players and quickly react.

    So now I want to talk about the previous rounds of the championship. I think it would be fair to review some of them.

    Round 1 Barcelona : cut in the last chicane
    Round 3 Silverstone GT Sprint : VERY HUGE cut passing in the pit lane instead of staying on the track
    Round 4 Azure Circuit : very dirty "wall surfing"
    Round 5 Zolder GT Sprint : huge cut in the T2 chicanes

    For all players who worked very hard, did not cut and did not receive any reward points, I think it would be normal and FAIR to re run some of them (like we did for Barcelona and Brands Hatch) or simply cancel the results. Especially Round 3 and Round 4 where the gain of cheat was amazing with at least 3 seconds per lap for Silverstone !!!

    I really like giving my best in every corner, shaking like a leaf arriving on last corner and this championship is perfect for this !
    Until now, all rounds that you proposed were very good choices. So, as a big fan of Project Cars , I really want to share some ideas of improvement issued from my experience as championship organizer on Gran Turismo for example.

    I think the best solution would be to apply special track limits for SMS R championship rounds. If a lap is not in compliance with the track limits that the staff defined, the game shall automatically invalidate the lap. It avoid confusion, it is undeniable and it is less work for the staff for replay review.
    But I am aware of the complexity to develop and apply a such functionality, especially for the the close next rounds. If you plan to integrate this new feature, I want to say the staff that I am available and volunteer if any help is needed for testing.

    A such functionality is also needed because as it is a time trial, a driver goes to the limits and sometimes he ends a lap and he sees after review that he is OUT and it is not possible to delete himself his lap time. As a consequence, it is needed to use another account to make a cleaner lap. I think it is not convenient.

    Other thing that would be much appreciated by drivers would be to make some photos to illustrate track limits on critical corners. The idea is to take photos showing IN/OUT paths and publish them on the official website and the forum. Photo are always better than a long speech.

    Again, I know that it represents an amount of work. But I think that it is mandatory for this championship if it wants to be more
    and more considered as a major and serious championship in the world of Racing games.

    Thank you again for all the work you do until now !
    Continue like this ! See you soon on tracks and why not IRL

    Best Regards,
    The entire TSR TEAM.

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