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Thread: Lost all save data & game won't work

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    Lost all save data & game won't work

    To whom it may concern, I happily purchased a Digital Xbox one copy of your game. Loved it from day 1.. Waited for the whole 4 years since a friend told me about your awesome game. Tonight was in a lobby the game dashboarded me. I restarted it, my file is (19.9GB) if that helps after the latest patch. After restarting the game I received the below message (will include photo). And the game couldn't load my save data, presses yes to retry over 100 times as I counted. Still nothing so Xbox support said hard resets will clear cache and should be OK. So I tried that same message. So I proceeded to hit no when it asked to load saved data. Finally got the main menu loaded (race central) and very laggy with movement. And all my saved data was wiped. I had over 2,000 miles driven my BMW M3 GT3, and over 2,000 miles on Watkins Glen GP. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled. And I get the same message even tho there is no saved data. File is still 19.9 GB, so everything I've done is lost and I'm stuck with an amazing game I cannot play. What can your team do about this. I fully support your game and I love it. I have a televised twitch league in which we raise $ for the wounded warrior project thru our endurance races. And I had to cancel that. I bought the limited digital edition and also purchased the newest car pack. Please let me know how to resolve this issue or what you're company can do for me,

    Thanks for an amazing sim racing game!!!



    ** I can't figure out how to upload a pic of the problem within this as I am on mobile. I have no PC.**
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