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Thread: [] German PCars League+Cups

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    [] German PCars League+Cups

    Hey there,
    you are a clean and fair german speaking Project Cars driver, interested in league and cup racing?
    Atm we are organizing a GT3 World Chamionship and some small cups.
    Skill-Level should at least be medium.

    So, sign up now at

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    Hi there, me again .

    My apologies again for the rather rude reception I gave you in the Steam chatroom last night . We have had lots of spambots appear in there over the years and your opening message had all the hallmarks of yet another one. Just for the future, it might be worth introducing yourself in a chatroom (especially if I'm in there ) before putting a post that just contains a link to an external web-site .

    We might talk a lot of stupid nonsense in there but we're a friendly bunch really. We do also talk about cars and games from time to time .

    Again, I do feel rather bad about the way I responded but I hope you realise why .

    Good luck with the recruiting, you seem like a genuine guy so I hope you get some good people joining up .
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    Hi cluck,
    no need to apologize! youre right, I was the one that forgot to introduce hisselfe in this chat
    yeah, you guys seemed like cool ones to me even if i cant share your intension to stay in a chatroom at this time of day and talk about german chokes xD

    Hope my english is not that bad, except the grammar

    Thanks, but good drivers are hard to find in these days
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