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Thread: Problems joining races

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    Problems joining races

    This seems to happen to me more and more. I find a race I want to join and select it. It brings me to the race lobby but the race info being displayed is the last race I did. Stay like that for about 30 seconds then I get dropped. Sometimes I just reselect the race and it loads properly. Sometimes and can try 5 different races and always get the same thing. I have to turn the game of and back on then I'm OK. I have also seen in instances that I would join the race but even with enough time left in qualifying I can't leave the garage. The drive icon is greyed out. Is this a know bug or is it just me.

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    I had the locked buttons yesterday, I think it only happened because the time to join had expired while the track was loading.
    There was enough time to do a couple of laps if the buttons were unlocked.

    I don't know about being dropped when track loading, if it fails for me the game usually shows a bug and it's says something about an object in use being destroyed or an issue with a pack file I think. It seems to be server specific if I go to another server using the same track it's usually fine.

    The game is very flaky, you should verify the code using steam to check all the files.
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    I just realized my profile said PC. I just changed it because I'm on PS4. Not sure if it makes a difference for this issue.

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