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Thread: Problem with FA soft slicks in the wet

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    Problem with FA soft slicks in the wet

    SO by accident I started a 30 car FA multi-class race in heavy rain at SPA fromthe back of the grid. (from testing performance at Le mans with the Oreca.

    As soon as it started I realised it was wrong but decided to do a few laps for a laugh, not having driven in the rain since 1.4 and the Oculus huge performance drop.

    ALl the AI started on wets, at the end of lap 2 I was in 2nd, having spun off twice and not able to warm the tyres, but still doing 2:03s and the car in from was pulling away and 38 seconds ahead. By the end of lap 7 the gap was down to 10 seconds but I gave up, these tyres are WAY too good in the wet I doubt I would be as quick on full wets, the AI were so bad in comparison.

    SO not sure what's gone wrong here, I thought the AI were supposed to be too good in the wet?
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