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Thread: The 'Look, I just bought' thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan View Post
    Balljoint worn out: check (will be fixed with changing the suspension arm which carries the balljoint)
    I'll definitely have a closer look for rust...
    The underside has been checked and approved at the mot (except the dent in the beam underneath the door)

    As for the price...can't go wrong really with 1400 Euros...even after the foreseen costs it'll be worth more than i payed in the end.
    This car will only increase in value as well...
    True and the value part.
    Shame of that dent in what I would call the door sill. I still need to do some cosmetic repair of the point there myself. Previous owner rubbed his foot over it a lot and caused the paint to wear out, albeit it still has a good layer of white primer.

    Anyhow, back to Le Mans watching for me. They just had the first crash of the race.
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    It's actually a dent underneath caused by the previous owner putting the jack in the wrong place...the real head kicker though: HE DID manage to pass MOT with it!

    Enjoy the race mate...
    A special thanks to SMS and WMD for putting up with me all these years!

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