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Thread: Project cars, start screen stop

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    Project cars, start screen stop

    Since yesterday everytime i load up project cars on my xbox one it all goes fine until i hit the 'press start screen'. Once i actually press start all that happens is that little multi colour square keeps loading but i am not able to get past this screen.

    Has any one else experienced this or can advise me on that to do?!


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    You can try following the troubleshooting sequence I did, maybe something will work for you where it didn't for me. In the end I had to delete local and cloud save file and start completely over.

    One thing to try before you go through all that, see if you can start the game with the Xbox in Offline mode. If that works, there is known Xbox Live problems happening right now, so maybe you don't have to go to the extreme that I did. Let us know if that does work for you!
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