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Thread: Z1 Dashboard

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    The Z1 Analyzer allows you to compare your lap with laps from other drivers. Just download a lap and the Z1 Analyzer will tell you where you are faster and slower and how to can improve.

    We have 2,700 laps available for download, and more being added every day.

    We have created a new page on our website which shows the number of laps available for each supported sim, broken down by track and car. In addition the fastest lap time available for the car and track combination is also listed. You can check it all out here:

    Don't forget to download the Z1 Analyzer demo today:

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    We've got some great news! The Z1 Dashboard is now used in some simulators by Porsche! It has definitely come a long way from its humble beginnings to become one of the best dashboard and analytic platforms for sim racing available.

    Coming in version 4.10.0 of the Z1 Dashboard - the Cosworth Porsche dashboard for the 911 GT3 Cup Car! These dashboards were developed by us in cooperation with SimDev technology for use in Porsche's simulator. This gave us incredible access to data on these dashboards!

    We will be bringing 10 variations of the dashboard to the Z1 Dashboard software in version 4.10.0.

    Enjoy this video showing the simulator running the Z1 Dashboard software, and a quick preview of one of the dashboards.

    Download the demo today:

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    It is here! Version 4.10.0 of the Z1 Dashboard is now available! With 10 new dashboards, numerous improvements to speech, analysis and sim integration this is an update you don't want to miss!

    Each of the new GT3 dashboards can be displayed with or without the shift lights LEDs and/or the side warnings LEDs. We've posted pictures of the 5 versions without shift light LEDs here.

    Download the demo today:

    GT3 dashboard race page 1 (engine parameters):

    GT3 dashboard race page 2 (fuel parameters):

    GT3 dashboard race page 3 (tire parameters):

    GT3 dashboard race page 4 (lap deltas):

    GT3 dashboard pit page:

    Here is the full list of release notes for this version:
    * Added 10 new dashboards! See below for details.

    * Added the Cosworth Porsche Race Dashboards. There are four variations, numbered R1 - R4. These correspond to the variations in the actual car. Each of these versions has two variants, the standard version and a B version. The B version does not include the shift light LEDs and uses the maximum amount of space for the 'screen' display. That makes a total of 8 race dashboards! Note because not all sims support the 4 left and 4 right indicator LEDs, they can be hidden on the standard versions by turning off the Show Extras option for the car.

    * Added the Cosworth Porsche Pit Dashboard. As with the Race dashboards, there is a B variant which does not include the shiftlight LEDs. And on the standard version the left and right indicator lights can be hidden by turning off the Show Extras option.

    * Updated Assetto Corsa engine to take advantage of the latest additions to the Shared Memory API.

    * There is now an option in the Strategy tab to enter the pit speed limit to be used. This can be used when the speed limit is not supplied by the sim, or you want to override the supplied speed limit.

    * Improved the scroll bars used in the settings dialog tabs.

    * Improved the registration methods.

    * Various improvements to the speech options.

    * You no longer have to have the pit info dashboard displayed in order for the pit lane countdown speech option to work. It will now work with any dashboard. Note currently iRacing is the only sim that supports this option.

    * Various updates and improvements to many dashboards.

    * There is now an option in the Buttons tab to turn off the check for POV switches. If you turn this off, then the joystick buttons check will only look for actual buttons inputs, and not POV inputs.

    * Updated the Z1 Server settings dialog buttons tab to use the same scroll bar layout as the Z1 dashboard.

    * The Mark Data button option has been added to the Z1 Server. This allows you to place a data marker in telemetry that is being recorded by the Z1 Server. It will also send a message to the Z1 Dashboard to display the message about the marker being placed, and also tell the Dashboard to place the same marker in any data it is recording.

    * The Z1 Server now supports buttons for adding or removing the car ahead or behind you on track to or from the tracked driver list. This allows the tracked driver list on the Dashboard running on a remote PC to maintain an up-to-date tracked driver list in the same way the Dashboard running on the sim PC can do so.

    * The Network tab now allows you to specify which sims should be checked for activity during the "Waiting For Sims" screen. Turning off the checks for sims that you don't use can improve response time and resources when scanning for sims.

    * The Dashboard will now check the Z1 Analyzer database to see if there are laps that match the current sim, track and car and if there are will display those results (numbers of laps and fastest lap time available) in the Standings display of the garage screens. This allows you to easily see if there is a lap in the Z1 Analyzer that you would compare yourself against in order to see where you could gain time. This option can be turned off by unchecking the Z1 Analyzer checkbox in the Network tab.

    * The sector times have been implemented with Automobilista and RaceRoom. Both the speech and text displays will speak/show them now.

    * Updated RaceRoom integration to work with their latest API.

    * RaceRoom ghost car no longer shows up on the list of drivers or track map during a practice session.

    Download the demo today:

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