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    It will be updated to PCars 2 once the API for PCars 2 is published.

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    The Z1 Dashboard has always been a leader in bringing new features to the sim racing community. We pioneered dashboard switching (the ability to switch between dashboards on the fly) several years ago.

    Since that time we have continually added more and varied dashboards to the application. From specific car dashboards, to track maps, to standings, to telemetry, to pit and race help we now have just over 100 different dashboard to choose from. You can assign up to 10 of these to your car and change between them at the press of a button.

    As we now have over 100 dashboards we wanted to show them all to you. So here they are.

    You can download the demo here:

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    We've put out another small update for the Z1 software. Dashboard version 4.12.1; Server version 1.10.1; and Analyzer version 1.9.2.

    Dashboard version 4.12.1 release notes are:
    * Updated F1 2017 compatibility to the their 1.8/1.9 patch.

    * Fixed a bug with Race Room that prevented the number of laps in a timed race from being properly calculated.

    * Laps Since Stop have been implemented for Race Room.

    You can download the demo here:

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    We've released another small update to the Dashboard (v 4.12.2) and Server (v 1.10.2).

    You can download the demo here:

    Here are the release notes:
    * Fixed an issue that could cause the left side tire inner and outer temps to be reversed on Assetto Corsa.

    * Fixed an issue with the Z1 Dash 1 that could cause the friction circle to be drawn off-center in certain circumstances.

    * Fixed an issue in the garage statistics screen where long car names could over run into the track length display area.

    * Fixed a bug that could cause the Dashboard not to update the track information (such as name, track map, etc) when connected to the Z1 Server if you changed tracks in the selected sim.

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    So, you're in a race and coming up to your pit stop. The big question is when should you stop. Now in most road races you'll have a pit window that will cover several laps. Probably most of the time you'll base your stop on fuel. When you are about to run out you'll come in for a stop. But that is not always the best option. You need to take track position and the pit stop delta into account. This is where the Z1 Dashboard software comes in.

    All the Z1 Dashboard track maps can estimate where you will emerge on track after your pit stop. Once you get within several laps of needing to pit a section of track will become highlighted and have the words After Stop displayed near by. This section of track indicates the approximate location where you will rejoin after your stop. If you do a fast stop you'll be somewhere near the front of the highlighted section. If you have a slow stop you'll be somewhere near the back of the highlighted section. And as you can see this highlighted section follows you around the track as you drive.

    Looking at this track map image your car is located here. The highlighted overlay is displayed here. You can see that if you pitted at the end of this lap it is highly likely that you would come out in clean air. Lets look at a different scenario. Here is your car. And here is where you are predicated to be after your stop. You can see that in this case you will come out very close to some other cars.

    Based on this you can start checking multiple laps before your stop to determine the best time to make your stop so that you either come out in clean air or so that you come out ahead of a rival.

    The pit stop delta is displayed at the bottom of the track map here. PD 24.6 means the delta is 24.6 seconds on average for this track and car. Now it is important to note that the pit stop delta is not the time standing still. It is the total time lost during a pit stop. So that includes the in lap and out lap. If you drive a faster in or out lap you'll gain time on competitors who do not do so, even if the time standing still is the same.

    Now let's look at how you can customize this feature to your liking. To do so you should open the Strategy tab of the settings dialog. The first option at the top left is the Laps To Stop option. This lets you specify the number of laps of fuel remaining in the car when the highlighted section of track will start to be displayed.

    Next is Pit Stop Time. This is how the pit stop delta is determined. The Z1 Dashboard lets you enter a pit stop delta yourself, or you can set it to Auto and have the software calculate the delta based on previous pit stops. Note that if you enter the pit stop delta yourself, or if there are not enough previous pit stop times available to create a valid range, then instead of seeing the highlighted section of the track map you will see a single square following you around the track.

    The next two options deal with the track highlight. You can choose to display the track highlight as a square even if enough data is available to show a track highlight. Setting the Display range option to No will always use the square even if the highlight could be used. The Range Width determines the width of the highlight range overlay. The larger the number the wider the highlight overlay.

    Finally in the middle column we have three options that deal with text. The highlight has the words 'After Stop' displayed next to it. If you do not want these displayed change this option to No. The After Stop Color and After Stop Size let you chose the font color and font size of this text.

    So using all these options together lets the Z1 Dashboard software help you make the most informed decision on when to make your pit stops. You don't want to risk pitting at the wrong time, as a badly timed stop can mean losing the race, but a correctly timed stop can help win you the race. So make sure you are using the Z1 Dashboard track maps to their full ability to help you get the best possible result in your race.

    Demo available here:
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    Version 4.13 of the Z1 Dashboard is now available!

    This new version brings many improvements and new features. Some of the highlights include:
    It is now fully compatible with Project Cars 2 and also takes advantage of the Codemasters 2017 Broadcast mode.

    In addition many dashboards have been updated with better graphics, such as the Lotus 79, Skip Barber, Spec Racer and more.

    Shadows have been added to many of the analogue gauges.

    And of course there are new dashboards.

    The updated Lotus 79 dash with shadows.

    An alternate version dash with fuel level replacing fuel pressure.

    The new F1 style dash.

    The new stock car dash,

    The new Porsche LMP1 919 style dash.

    You can download the demo here:

    Here is the full list of release notes:
    * Now compatible with Project Cars 2 using the Shared Memory feature within Project cars 2.

    * Now compatible with Codemasters F1 2017 Broadcast mode. There is a new option in the Network tab drop down for Codemasters called 'F1 2017 BC'. Select this if you want to connect to the sim using the broadcast mode option.

    * Added a new stock car 2016 dashboard (#6).

    * Added a new dashhboard for the Porsche 919.

    * Added a new Formula 1 dashboard (F1 2014 #8 ). This adds a bar for the amount of ERS you have available during the lap.

    * Added a new version of the Legends Ford dashboard. This is called Legends Ford B. It replaces the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    * Added a new version of the SK Modified dashboard. This is called SK Modified B. It replaces the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    * Added a new version of the Monte Carlo SS dashboard. This is called Monte Carlo SS B. It replaces the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    * Added a new version of the Silverado dashboard. This is called Silverado B. It replaces the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    * There is now an option to view the track map when in the garage screens. Display the drop down menu to see this new option.

    * Graphical updates to the following dashboards: Z1 Dash 1; RUF 8,000 RPM; RUF 9,000 RPM, RUF RT 12; RUF RT 12 10,000 RPM, F1 1980s Dash, Lotus Elise SC Dash, Skip Barber Dash, Spec Racer Ford Dash, Lotus 79 Dash

    * Some dashboards now have shadows cast by the needles onto the dials where appropriate. This feature can be turned off in the Display tab of the settings dialog by setting Shadows to off. Dashhboards with shadows are: RUF 8,000 RPM; RUF 9,000 RPM, RUF RT 12; RUF RT 12 10,000 RPM, IMSA Dash 1, IMSA Dash 2, Lotus 49 Dash, F1 1980s Dash, Lotus Elise SC Dash, Skip Barber Dash, Spec Racer Ford Dash, Lotus 79 Dash.

    * Added a new delta option for Assetto Corsa. Selecting this option will use the Assetto Corsa built in performance meter timing for delta displays on the dashboards.

    * Improved the look of the scrollbars in the settings dialog.

    * Improved the scrolling in the settings dialog that use scroll bars. The Track driver list can now be scroll up or down using the mouse wheel.

    * There is now an option in the Display tab called 'Settings Loc'. If you set this to No then the Z1 Dashboard will not check to see if the settings dialog will be off screen when it is opened. This may help in certain circumstances if the settings dialog does not appear over the Z1 Dashboard window or gets moved to another monitor.

    * Updated the LED images in the CAR 3 tab of the settings dialog to use AntiAliasing for a better look.

    * Added a Button debug mode to help diagnose any potential button issues.

    * Shock Velocity is now recorded from Codemasters F1 2017.

    * The Tire Dash now displays Camber in the tire diagrams for the sims that support it.

    * There is now an option to circle the cars driven by drivers who are on your tracked driver list when they are displayed on the track map. This feature can be turned on or off in the Tracked tab of the settings dialog. The color used to circle the cars is the currently selected highlight color.

    * The Dashboard will now display a confirmation dialog if you are trying to connect to an instance of the Z1 Server that is running on the same machine as the Dashboard. This is because such a connection is not necessary. However if you really want to establish such a connection and don't want the warning message to appear then tick the checkbox for "Allow local server connections" in the Network tab of the Dashboard's settings dialog.

    Download the demo now:

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    Version 4.13 of the Z1 Dashboard comes with some new dashboards, several variations to existing dashboards, some graphical updates, and the introduction of shadows.

    The new dashes include one for the Porsche 919 LMP1; a new Formula 1 dash; and a new stock car dash.

    We've also made graphical updates that improve the looks of a dashboard or add shadows to that dashboard.

    These are the Z1 Dash 1; F1 1980s Dash, IMSA Dash 1 & 2, Lotus 49 Dash, Lotus 79 Dash, Lotus Elise SC Dash, RUF Dashboards, Spec Race Ford Dash and Skip Barber Dash.

    Finally we've added variations to 4 existing dashboards, replacing the fuel pressure gauge with a fuel level gauge.

    These are the Legends Ford B Dash The SK Modified B Dash The Monte Carlo SS B Dash and the Silverado B Dash.

    Make sure you get the latest version of the Z1 Dashboard here:

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