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    Version 1.5 of the Z1 Analyzer is now available! This new version improves usability of the analyzer, making things even easier to understand where you can gain time in your lap. And that is what it is all about isn't it?

    Forget looking at scatter graphs and the like to attempt to see where you might be loosing time. The Analyzer shows you in easy to understand track maps where you are losing or gaining time!

    Download the demo today:

    Here is the full list of release notes:
    * The Analyzer is now compatible with Automobilista.

    * There are now menus in the main menu bar which provide an additional way of selecting various functions within the Analyzer.

    * There is now a popup menu that is activated by right clicking on the traces. This menu lets you select the trace you would like to place in that location. This provides an additional way to specify the trace in addition to the settings dialog.

    * There is now a debug setting in the General settings tab. This allows you to turn on and off various debug data outputs.

    * The lap times of laps recorded into zod files has been improved to match the times displayed in the sim.

    * There is a new Analysis screen for understeer. This is accessible with all the other analysis screens by clicking on the green arrow at the bottom right of the track map. Then choose 'Understeer' from the drop down menu. This analysis screen shows you where you are getting any understeer during the lap. The darker for color the more severe the understeer.

    * Made tweaks to the track walk text parsing to improve turn descriptions.

    * Rearranged the order of the traces in the Layout tab of the settings dialog to better group them.

    Download the demo today:
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    Version 1.6 of the Z1 Analyzer is now available!

    You can download the demo here:

    The major update for this version is lap sharing. You can now have your laps uploaded to the server and view all other laps from drivers who have done the same, allowing you to compare your laps to theirs.

    In addition we have completely redone the lap selection dialog to make it easier to select your laps.

    And you can compare laps from different cars at the same track.

    Current users can get this version here:

    Here is the full list of release notes:
    * Data sharing is now part of the Analyzer. This allows you to upload your laps to the server and download laps from the server. This means you can open a lap of another driver who has uploaded their lap to the server in order to compare yourself to that lap. Note that no setup information is uploaded to the server, only telemetry information.

    * Any laps available to be downloaded from the server will be displayed in blue in the select lap dialog. In order for a lap to be displayed it must meet the current criteria (same track and sim, and display date range). Double clicking on one of these highlighted laps will download it from our server and load it into the Analyzer. You can load it as either the primary lap or a comparison lap, allowing you to compare one of your own laps to that lap.

    * When you open one of your laps it will automatically be uploaded to our server (telemetry only) and be added into the pool of laps that can be downloaded by other users. If you do not want your laps to be uploaded the uncheck the 'Share Laps' option in the General tab of the settings dialog. Note if you uncheck this option you will not be able to download laps either. (You've got to share your own laps if you want to download other people's laps.)

    * The Select Lap Dialog uses four colors to display information about a lap. These colors can be customized in the Color tab of the settings dialog. You can specify the color for a local lap (ie one that you recorded on your computer); a server lap (one that is on our servers); the lap you have just clicked on (selected); and the laps that are currently open. The laps that are currently open will have a small square to the left of the car name.

    * In the Select Lap Dialog there is a check box called 'Automatically check server for laps'. This is on by default (unless you turned off the Share Laps option). With this option checked the Z1 Analyzer will automatically attempt to connect to the server and request a list of laps that match your current criteria. Unchecking this checkbox will prevent the Z1 Analyzer from performing this check. If you are off line or have limited bandwidth or any other reason for not wanting this feature to be active, then uncheck this checkbox.

    * The Select Lap Dialog has been redone. The list of laps is displayed in a scrollable table that makes it easier to see details of each lap. Weather is now displayed in this table. To open a lap double click the desired lap. When you double click the lap it will open in accordance with the currently selected option form the Options drop down (Load Lap, Load Comparison Lap, Load as left track edge, Load as right track edge). The Sort By and Display drop downs control which laps are display in the table and how they are sorted.

    * You can also right click on the list of laps. This will display a popup menu with additional options. You can choose to open the lap this way, or open the lap as the base lap, left track edge or right track edge. In addition you can choose various filters for determining which laps are displayed. These include the ability to filter by local versus server laps, the type of car and the driver name.

    * The analyzer now lets you view laps from different cars on the same track. This is so you can compare different types of cars from within the same class on a track.

    * The Analysis Overlay screen has been updated to include the weather information for each lap. Note not all sims provide weather information.

    * The Z1 Analyzer is now compatible with Race Room.

    * The Z1 Analyzer will now remember your settings moving forward. (So they won't get overwritten when you install future updates.)

    * The right click popup menu has been cleaned up and grouped into submenus to make it more space efficient.

    * When you right click on a trace to display the popup menu, the selected trace is outlined in red to make it obvious which one you are modifying.

    You can download the demo here:
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    Fantastic news that Z1 Analyzer supports lap sharing! Thanks for making this terrific software even better.
    More Info on Multiplayer Lobby List - What Do You Think? Thread Here
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    Version 1.6.1 of the Z1 Analyzer is now available. This fixes a bug that could prevent lap files from the server from being displayed in the select lap dialog.

    Current users can get it here:

    The demo is available here:

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    The Z1 Analyzer allows you to load your own laps, and laps of other drivers from our servers. This lets you compare yourself with other drivers to see where you can improve.

    This video shows how you can load laps from your computer and from our servers using the Z1 Analyzer.

    Download the demo today:

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    The latest version of the Z1 Analyzer was released a little over 5 weeks ago. One of its great features is the ability to share laps so you can compare yourself against other drivers. In that time we have had over 1,600 laps shared!

    Don't miss out on seeing how you compare and download the Z1 Analyzer demo today:

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    The Z1 Analyzer allows you to compare your lap with laps from other drivers. Just download a lap and the Z1 Analyzer will tell you where you are faster and slower and how to can improve.

    We have 2,700 laps available for download, and more being added every day.

    We have created a new page on our website which shows the number of laps available for each supported sim, broken down by track and car. In addition the fastest lap time available for the car and track combination is also listed. You can check it all out here:

    Don't forget to download the Z1 Analyzer demo today:

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    Version 1.7 of the Z1 Analyzer is now available! This update include many new features which help to make the application even easier to use.

    With over 3,500 laps available from our servers (and growing every day) we had to make it easier to find those laps. This has been done, and now the Analyzer shows you the number of laps available right in the Select lap dialog.

    The entire application has been graphically updated to make better use of the screen space, especially when you expand the window horizontally.

    The Live Telemetry display has been improved to include sector markers as well as the S/F line marker.

    The Brake Lockup analysis has been improved, and now allows you to specify how sensitive the Analyzer is to determining when a wheel is considered locked.

    All these changes and improvements make the Z1 Analyzer one of the best tools you can get to help improve you as a driver!

    Download the demo today:

    Here are the full release notes:
    * The select lap dialog now displays the number of laps available on the server for the selected track, even if they are not being displayed in the list of laps (which can happen depending on your current display options). Clicking on this line of text will display all the available laps. Remember in order to see any laps from the server you must have the Share Laps option in the General settings dialog selected (which it is by default). You have to share your laps in order to see other driver's laps.

    * You can now specify the maximum number of laps to be listed from the server for a track. The option is in the General tab. The default is 150. This speeds up the process for listing the laps available from the server for tracks which have a large number of laps available. You will be alerted if the total number of laps available is more than the maximum number you have specified to be listed.

    * There is now an option to tell the Analyzer how you want to prioritize the laps listed from the server. This option only has an effect if you are listing fewer laps than than are actually on the server. For example if there are 200 laps on the server and you only want to see 50 of them (as can be specified in the Max Download Laps option) then this setting is important. The first option 'By Fastest Lap' sorts the laps to be listed by car and then lap time. If you have specified that you want 50 laps to be listed, and there are 10 cars with laps on the server then the 5 fastest laps for each of those 10 cars will be returned regardless of when those laps were uploaded. This option is the default option. The second option 'By Most Recent' would list the latest 50 laps to be uploaded to the server regardless of the lap time or car.

    * There is now an option called 'Group Cars' in the General tab of the settings dialog. This is checked by default. With this option checked all laps by the same type of car will be grouped together in the Select Lap Dialog, making it easier to find laps for a particular type of car.

    * There is now an option to display the trace graphs by percent instead of by lap time. This is located in the general tab of the settings dialog under 'Graph By'. If you are comparing two laps which have different lap times then graphing by lap time allows you to see where you gain or lose time compare to the other lap. Graphing by percent displays both laps on the same horizontal scale (which is the percentage of the way round the track for the first lap). This allows you to compare driver inputs and car motion at the exact same point on the track for both laps. This can help you determine how you can improve your lap by easily seeing what you are doing differently compare to the other lap at any exact location.

    * When viewing live telemetry the sectors are now displayed. Note for this to work you must first have saved a track map for the appropriate track after viewing a recorded lap.

    * The traces now expand horizontally or vertically to use all available space in the window.

    * The brake lockup analysis has been improved. Previously the front wheels had to be completely stopped in order to register as a lockup. This has been modified so that a wheel is now considered to be locked if it is rotating at 15 MPH less than the rear wheel on the same side of the car. This will show you where you are right on the edge of locking up as well as when you a wheel is fully locked. The value of 15 MPH can be adjusted in the general tab of the settings dialog, under Lockup Threshold. (A restart of the Analyzer is required after you change this value for the new value to take effect.)

    * The turn analysis has been improved when using the track edges to determine the turns. Previously you may have been told you were not getting close enough to the edge of the track upon exiting a turn which was followed immediately by another turn. This is not always the best advice for the optimal driving line. The Analyzer now takes the following turn into account more when providing advice on track out points.

    * You can now click on the track map trace to select the point you would like to see. Previously you had to click on a trace graph to position the car.

    * Updated how the windows are drawn to allow for better future expansion.

    * The track map now shows a direction of travel arrow at the start/finish line.

    * You can now specify the color of the lap text (things like time intervals, sector numbers, start/finish line indicators, etc) in the traces.

    * You can specify the color of the lines used to draw the time increments, start/finish line and sector lines on the traces. Each of these can have its own color.

    * Improved the scrollbar movement in the select lap dialog.

    * Improved the way laps are requested from the server.

    * The General settings tab has been split into two tabs - 'About' which should the registration status of the Analyzer, and 'General' which shows various options. This gives more room to the general tab, which was needed.

    * New Commercial license only option - you can assign a password to your laps when you upload them. This allows you to securely share your laps with other commercially licensed Z1 Analyzers that have the appropriate password. In order to see the lap in the list of available laps and download the lap you will need that same password. The password is encrypted on our server for your security. The passwords are entered in the General tab of the settings dialog.

    * New Commercial license only option - you can specify if laps that do not have passwords associated with them should be displayed in the list of available laps. This makes the list display only the laps that match the currently entered password and excludes all non-password protected laps. This option is set in the General tab of the settings dialog.

    * Added additional debug options relating to getting the list of laps available on the server and registering the Analyzer.

    Download the demo today:

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    Hi, proper newbie questions: I don't see any available sims or available laps in the select laps window. Do I need to direct / connect the software to them somehow? (Edit - I have the shared memory ticked, and can see live telemetry when running the sim) But in assition to my laps I gather I can look a t a database of uploaded laps? I viewed the video and this info seemed to be automatically available.

    Once I've done that, where and how do I find my own laps from project cars and what file type are they? I did look through the documentation but couldn't find this info (I did only recently get PCars, so am still getting my head around the sim itself) I'm currently unsure how to output telemetry files.
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