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Thread: Game won't load anything other than free weekend race..Worst game issues ever

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    Game won't load anything other than free weekend race..Worst game issues ever

    This game has to be one of the worse let downs in racing history..
    Even the worse produced ,and boring games loaded...if you open up a new game your stuck with it,so it can't be returned...

    I know that I am not the only person with this failure,so does anyone have a real fix for it ?

    Tried loading free cars. Ran the update yesterday ,so I do not have a clue,does anyone have a real fix for it,or is this just one of those let downs that the Game developer Just released it and enjoyed taking our money,knowing full well it was not ready for all the platforms ,figuring they hopefully will find a fix some time in the future ? ...

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    So beyond the title of your thread that suggests a problem unlike anything I've yet read on these forums, the rest of your post is just a bunch of moaning that's guaranteed to not get any meaningful response. Your post lacks any detail other than that you have updated the game and tried free practice.

    How about explaining exactly what is happening when you try to load anything other than race weekend. Maybe you will get a more meaningful response that way.
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