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Thread: Forced race line removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaw3dGenius View Post
    What about at night when you have no headlights while someone that uses the racing line can clearly see where they are going?
    That's a great point, the racing line will give a serious advantage during night racing.

    On a sidenote, are most online players against night racing? I was host in a public/random lobby recently and we had a real good group going, plenty of clean and respectful GT3 racing (and most notably, very few quitters). I tried to start an evening/dusk race at Sonoma GP and wow, everyone else quit fairly quickly during qualifying. I was very surprised, since it had been such a good group. The only difference for that event was the night time, and obviously it wasn't very well received.

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    Hey, thanks for taking the time to make a really thought out reply. While I not agree, I do understand your basic thinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    Your arguments are against "the line" existing at all... which is an entirely different topic.
    This is true, I honestly think SMS kind of fucked up a bit by including it at all. Its just isn't that useful to learn the game "proper" IMO. And it shouldn't really be in a game with a simulation spirit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    SMS included "the line" as part of the game - it's not cheating...
    Since its in the game, yeah, its not cheating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    (like doping in RL sports)
    Doping is at the end of the day also just a group of practices we find unacceptable for whatever reason, some not even really health threatening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    it's not unfair - everyone has access to it
    Just because something is widely available doesn't mean it isn't unfair or unwanted. Doping again is also available to everybody at a certain professional level.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    it's not "ideal" - so those who have put in enough time and practice to become good enough to play without it will generally be significantly better than those who DO use it.
    Again, its largely a big advantage when the players haven't yet learned a track perfect, are distracted by sudden events like a crash in front of them or drive at not ideal viewing conditions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    Remember - it's a video game. A wide variety of types of players, with a wide range of skill levels, have purchased PCars.
    So you are just accept that you are not and may never will be the best at the game and try to compete as best as you can while playing clean. That is how I grown up playing multiplayer games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Ente View Post
    Bob prefers to use Bumper View, because he's been playing racing games since way back - before there were cockpit views - and he's most comfortable with that view. He uses a game-pad instead of a wheel+pedals setup (cost, space limits, wife doesn't want it in the living room, etc). Due to an injury a while back, he has limited dexterity in the fingers of his left hand, so he uses ABS. And... because he doesn't get as much time to play as he would like and thus hasn't been able to memorize every aspect of every track, he uses "the line."
    Well, here is the problem. If I from now on can't hold a mouse no more and are forced to play FPS with a gamepad or worse I still can't force everybody in lets say Battlefield or Counterstrike to accept that I enable assisted (auto) aiming to make up for it. I am just forced to either accept being bad at the game or find another game that I can play.

    But I am always more pissed about the time aspect. Its something that gets mentioned more and more (also as well in different genres like unlock packs for shooters or MMO etc.) and I just don't understand it. If you don't have the time to play properly than you shouldn't play! Or same as above, Bob needs to accept that if I doesn't know the track he has to brake early to race clean.

    So even though Bob sounds like the kind of guy I would want to play, I rather not if he insists on using aids to make up for the limited time he is ready to use to learn the game.

    Other stuff like bumper cam aren't really part of this topic IMO since they really won't give any substantial benefit.

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    Ahh... this old argument. I switch between the two options depending on the situation. Yes I find disabling the line and running lap after lap (learning the track, braking points ect) will result in a better time for me. However when I race against others on a track im not overly familiar with it allows me to be a lot more consistent with my times from the start. I race regularly with a good friend. Mostly just the two of us. He runs all assists with the controller. I run no assists with a wheel. He is usually a few tenths quicker than me in the same car. I don't b***h about it though. He is having fun and so am I. It's just a game. Let others play the way they want to play.

    And Don Ente. Great post.

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    Exactly. Every one should play as he likes. Thats why an option to enable/disable assists (including the line) is a reasonable one imo. Having the line set to on as a default would make sure that ppl not messing around too much with options would have it available out-of-the-box.

    Im not judging the use of the line, I just think that there are valid scenarios where ppl like to have it available in a lobby or explicitly not. So the option to allow/forbid it would satisfy both sides.
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