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Thread: Ovals Are Just Left Turns

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    Ovals Are Just Left Turns

    For those of us who don't know any better, there is a great piece in the current issue of Road & Track, September. See Sam Smith's column at page 30, "Wall Drug; a First Time at Indy, Cars in Your Lap."

    Same article, different title, @ - "Standing Next to a 230 MPH IndyCar Will Change Your Notion of Speed."

    Smith can write and that single page at least made me a lot more curious about oval racing.
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    I used to think ovals were boring until I started trying them in a few racing simulators (Papyrus had a few great games with ovals).

    The biggest challenge is the open wheel racers. There is no "rubbing" or bumping in open wheel racing. If you come within two feet of another car at speed you're risking near instant catastrophe. The concentration is gripping. Blowing one turn means ruining your entire next lap. There is no simply flooring it to catch up. If you exit a turn 10mph slower than you should you're going to pay for that mistake for the next 3 turns.

    It can be a soul-destroying experience to have to endure the next lap knowing you've just wasted another 2-3 miles of speed potential. The fastest drivers know that balancing momentum, minimum scrubbing of speed and your line are keys to consistency lap after lap.

    Add traffic and tire wear and fuel consumption and it becomes a delicate balance of physics against fear.
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    well you don't wanna bump and rub a lot at the bigger ovals in a stock cars because aero is really important at 1.5 mile tracks or bigger.

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    I think we're gonna need a montage

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    I think we're gonna need a montage
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