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Thread: (PC) Who would like to join Project CARS Drivers Club?

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    [PC Project CARS]Join us for an endurance race!

    * Date: 10 September 2016 @ 5pm UTC+0
    * Track: Siverstone GP
    * Car: Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM
    * Duration: 4 hours
    * Safety Car: Audi R8 V10 Plus
    * In game race start time: Afternoon (16.00)
    * Weather: Clear, Random, Random, Random
    * Time: 5x
    * Tyre wear: 2x
    * Fuel consumption: Normal
    * Flags: Off
    * Ghosted Cars: Off
    * Damage: Full
    * Assists: Real.
    * Default setups: Off
    * Mechanical failures: On
    * Teams of at least 2 members are strongly encouraged.

    There will be a 1 hour free practice at 5pm UTC. This is also qualifying and the teamís best time counts towards qualifying. Race is 4 hours long and runs in a practice session. This will start after qualifying. Teams may change drivers at any time during the race.

    Current Teams:
    * Animera and HowGudAmI
    * Extrovert and Soulah
    * dabbowabbo and Paulyk
    * Ice and Meekstaaa
    * Adz and Silvereagle
    * JimBoum and Dub

    Joining us for a race means you will be racing with a friendly and fast community that has been around for well over a year, with experience running endurance races in the past (The last one we did was 6 hours of Spa!

    If you want to join us, comment here and let us know, and sign up over at

    A live stream of the even will be broadcast on our youtube channel, probably with multiple angles:

    Not sold yet? Check out this fantastic compilation from our league events:

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    When this post is 5 hours old (4.30pm UTC+0), Project CARS Drivers Club will start the testing session for its 8th season. We have loads of short, casual races in a variety of potential cars for the upcoming season. Members then vote in the survey for their favourites for each class.

    If you would like to join us, this is a great way to get to know us, no sign up required (but we would love it if you enjoy it sign up so you can partake in the next season).

    All we need you to do, is comment on here, or PM me so that we can provide you with the lobby password details, the teamspeak sever details and answer any of your questions.

    We believe that PCDC is a unique league racing experience because our focus on a friendly community is as strong as our focus on quality racing. Drivers of all skill levels are welcomed equally and we chat regularly on the discussions board and WhatsApp when we're not racing. We even play a variety of other games together from time to time.

    What are you waiting for! Comment and join us for some awesome racing today - no commitment required.

    (p.s. if you dont have the game, get it from humblebundle for almost nothing, you will get your moneys worth in this one session: )

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    Hi all,

    PCDC is pleased to announce season 9 is here! This season we again will be running an extra long season comprising of 10 races and will start on the 7th of January.

    There are some changes to the format as discussed in the main season 9 announcement. But please find below list of changes that reflect these races:

    The days racing structure has been adjusted to be shorted and more accomodating for racers. Please see at the bottom of this post for full details.
    Start time of the Saturday event has now changed to 7pm UK time.
    There will now only be two 15 minute support races.
    The main race will only be 45 minutes now.
    Tyre wear will now increase to x3 in main league.
    Tyre wear removed from support league.

    The Support Race will be run in the Toyota 86.

    The Main Race will be run in the Toyota TS040.

    There will be a BOP system for the main league. The winner of a main league race has to reduce the restrictor by 3 clicks for the remaining races. The 2nd place has to reduce the restrictor by 2 clicks, and 3rd, 1 click. These will be noted in the standings spreadsheet.

    There will be no team league this season but please don't let that put you off teaming up with someone if you wish.

    Event Calendar
    Week 1 (7th January)
    In Game Start Time: 12.00
    Weather: Medium Cloud, Light Cloud
    Track: Road America

    Week 2 (14th January)
    In Game Start Time: 23.00
    Weather: Clear, Clear
    Track: Laguna Seca

    Week 3 (21st January)
    In Game Start Time: 10.00
    Weather: Clear, Clear
    Track: Sonoma Raceway Short

    Week 4 (28th January)
    In Game Start Time: 01.00
    Weather: Heavy Cloud, Clear
    Track: Hockenheim Classic

    Week 5 (4th February)
    In Game Start Time: 13.00
    Weather: Heavy Cloud, Light Cloud
    Track: Brands Hatch GP

    Week 6 (11th February)
    In Game Start Time: 16.00
    Weather: Rain, Thunderstorm
    Track: Donnington National

    Week 7 (18th February)
    In Game Start Time: 12.00
    Weather: Clear, Clear
    Track: Barcelona GP

    Week 8 (25th February)
    In Game Start Time: 16.00
    Weather: Random, Random
    Track: Imola

    Week 9 (4th March)
    In Game Start Time: 09.00
    Weather: Heavy Fog, Medium Cloud
    Track: Hockenheim GP

    Week 10 (11th March)
    In Game Start Time: 18.00
    Weather: Light Rain, Heavy Cloud
    Track: Sakkito GP

    Session Format

    Support league starts at 7pm UK time:
    No practice
    15 minute qualifying
    5 minute warmup
    2x 15 minute races

    Main league starts after support:
    30 minute practice
    10 minute qualifying
    5 minute warmup
    45 minute race

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    I'd be interested in this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Class2ldn View Post
    I'd be interested in this.

    Please sign up over at and we will add you to the group


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