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Thread: Vehicles Custom Paints Download Database contains many existing skins

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    Vehicles Custom Paints Download Database contains many existing skins

    A suggestion is to flag which skins are already in the game.

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    Agreed! Seen a number of liveries in the list to download (such as the Aston V12 Vantage GT3) and noticed a lot of those are already in and was a little confused why they were there to download. Might even be worth deleting them as we already have them, although I know some of the ones available to download are slightly different to those that might be in-game already due to licensing and stuff. Don't think this is the case for all of them though?
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    I talk for myself.
    I did, like other painters, some liveries which then made it into the game.

    Given the old forum became read only,
    I moved all my posts containing all my liveries here.

    These files are much better in resolution than the ones you can find ingame,
    4096x4096 against 2048x2048. Plus custom coloured wheels and interiors.
    So if you really like one of them, download it and you'll notice the difference.
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