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Thread: T300 GTE or T300RS : Self-Calibration Issue at startup solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by meloil View Post
    Does anyone here can send me another links? I'm having the same problem now, but the links for PDF and .exe are expired
    My T300 died 2 weeks a go, i think i have the calibration tookfor you. Dm me your email afress
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm giving an update because someone report me a broken link for the tool

    Of course, i reupload the file here :

    I left the PS4, now i'm playing on iracing with a direct drive but i know well this problem, i had it 2 times !
    So i owned three different TM T300 base! the support changes mine for free 2 times. (second time it was after the end of the warranty but they did it,so try to ask too), that is the nice part of the story

    But It's really and hardware problem, the calibration software tool can help you to play some days before it will restart again more and more often.

    Because of the two time problem, the support guy on TM said me a little more. He said to me PCARS1 send really hard instruction to FFB and it maybe contributes to this problem on T300. The default FFB of Pcars1 on console is also really too powerfull and need to be low. For exemple this problem is really rare on PC simulation users. After PCARS1 was release they had a lot of problem with T300. So maybe it is a good idea to lower the FFB on this game... I'm not an hardware expert, and i don't know anything about pcars2, i just share what he said to me on phone

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