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Yes but when you start do that you can notice the FFB is less strongh than before. Feeling is different and impossible to do same time laps for me.
I start to call Thrustmaster to exchange mine. And I play with a g29 for the moment.
How are you finding the G29 compared to the T300?

I have the same issue, I've had my T300 GTE for about four months now and had absolutely no issue playing Pcars, Driveclub, F1 2015.

Yesterday I tried using the updated FFB settings (Bumps Plus) on the spreadsheet.

There was a big difference in the strength of the FFB which I liked. The weight had in the wheel had increased and I felt more feedback through bumps etc.

Halfway through a race I had to pause for dinner, I paused the game for half hour and when I returned I noticed that the wheel suddenly had no FFB but vibration from the kerb was felt. I finished the race like this and then afterwards closed the game and removed the USB lead and plugged it back in to my PS4.

The wheel wouldn't calibrate correctly and began rotating hard to the right, then returning slowly to centre before going hard to the right again and again. I unplugged the wheel as to prevent any further damage.

I'm wondering whether the settings on the spreadsheet have fried the wheel?

Is this something SMS are aware of?

I've contacted Thrustmaster Customer support who are beginning a returns process, but I am considering going to the retailer here in the UK and requesting a different product or refund?