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Thread: [Standalone GUI] Dedicated Server Config Generator V0.80 [Patch 4.0]

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    In researching it as I have been before rewriting some portions of the code, it seems to be a confusion caused by setting one thing in the config file, another if your using the LUA Rotate, and if you have a different class set in game. I'm looking at solutions but like i said it's slow due to school (graduate school specifically, tough stuff). But winter break is around the corner and I will be trying my best to get it out for you folks, with some maybe nice new and shiny features. : clean drivers, clean races, 4-5 weekly leagues, 350 man teamspeak.
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    Any updates on future plans for this excellent tool? There seems to be some new configs on the server (such as security settings) that would be great to have in this tool as well.

    For the most part it still works, well, but it would be great if the tool could simplify the HTTP API security configs.
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    Unfortunately I can not find the Nürburgring Combined in the track list. Someone can tell me what the tracks id? Thanks!

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