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Thread: Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel for 169,99

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    Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel for 169,99

    Images and Full spec can be here;

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    Looks like a good deal. If I didn't have my T300RS I'd go for this over the Logitech G29 (already got the T3PAs and a TH8A). Well it's a cheaper option if my wheel ever breaks when out of warranty (almost 6 months old now, with no issues, touch wood).
    Also, it'll hopefully help out those who are dissatisfied with the handling on DS4 pads, and don't have the funds to afford the T300 or T500, and don't want a non FFB T80. There is the T100, but it's only a 270 rotation wheel.
    As long as any reliability issues have been addressed, it should sell well IMO !

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