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Hmmm. Did you try a challenge yet? Does the first place car still take right off?
I tried the Audi GT3 at Nurburgring. Medium was incredibly easy. Hard was competitive, but I did catch P1 by the fourth lap (4/10). I stuck with him for a few laps and waited to pass, because his pace was good an he was defending well. We rubber-banded around the track for a few more laps, gap opening and closing here and there, but always within one second. I found his weak corners and then over took him on the 6th or 7th lap. Had to defend for another lap or so, but the last couple laps I had a comfortable gap. Then I tried Alien, and spent most of the race fighting 11th... LOL.

I noticed that the different events start at different difficulties. Sometimes Medium is 80, other events it's 95. The gearing is also locked in some setups, often when you start from the back of the grid, which just seems to make it impossible to win...LOL

Now that I've got the custom championships working again, I'm gonna get back to setting those up. With the new AI settings, custom series will be even more fun now. I like the going through all the rounds (practice, quali, race) because you can set the difficulty even further above your pace, and then have a 30 - 60 minute practice session to develop a race tune and a qualification-specific tune, with special gearing, tire pressure, turbo settings, etc. So you can more easily set a front grid lap time in quali, but still end up with serious competition ahead and behind you on the grid. Otherwise, qualifying P1 - P3 can be a mixed bag in longer races, because you take the lead early, pull away, and spend the rest of the race alone. Also, once you get a quali-tune, you can use it in MP. Most casual racers, noobs, and crashers qualifi with their race or default tune.