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Thread: Save race option

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    Save race option

    Are they any plans to add a save race option to the game? This was a feature in GT5 that was the only reason I was able to do 24 hour races. Although having an AI driver is a bit more realistic and I think it should be left in for those who want it, I personally enjoy when I can do the entire race myself. More importantly though is I don't want to leave my PS4 on for 24 straight hours. It isn't in the most well ventilated location but even if it was I still wouldn't do it. I want to do a 24 hour race but don't want to risk overheating my PS4 to do it. I think this a feature that is almost necessary for races this long. I've also read other threads reporting that the AI driver will get disqualified for cutting the track making it a risk that I will have wasted all that time as well.

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