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Thread: [TGC-G40] Ginetta G40 Challenge - Season Complete

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    But I'm sure you would be more than welcome to join us over at RSR Mikey..
    "Old But Not Obsolete" you get me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmo View Post
    What Cluck said is correct. At the moment nobody is around that wants and has the time to organize races under the TGC banner.

    As some of you have noticed our Teamspeak Server is deactivated for now too, since it was largely unused over the last few weeks.
    This is very sad news to hear. Very sad indeed.

    TGC was the one and only rock to hold on to during development. Ziggy my friend, I really hope everything is ok with you. And Elmo, very sad to hear you can't take it on you any more. But fully understandable, since you have all other duties as SMS staff.

    Anyway, with all the new Lotus' and historical tracks I have remote thinking of take on my TGRL-League again. Any presumtives?

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