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    Sincere feedback

    This feedback relates to PS4 version 1.0 on blu-ray disk and without any patch updates. Some things may have changed or been fixed that i'm not aware of, but in general i still believe this feedback to be relevant.

    I bought the Codemasters F1 2015 game on release day, AND TOOK IT BACK FOR A REFUND ONE DAY LATER! Same bug-riddled garbage 5 years in a row and other playability issues! But now my hopes were pinned on "Project Cars" so i purchased it... MORE FU_KING GARBAGE!!!

    I'm 43 years old, i've been playing console games since the Donkey Kong and Space Invader days, I even had the Atari home console in the late 70's, so I have a good understanding of what is and what isn't a good game and when things are wrong, very wrong.

    Between “Project Cars” and the new Codemasters F1 2015, you guys are giving the latest gen consoles a bad name!

    Just for starters, in "Project Cars" look at the shocking under-steer, it's atrocious to the point of nearly making the game unplayable!

    How can that be deemed either a simulator or fun? Not at all! You need to allow us to stay on the track easier or else we spend all our time concentrating too much just to keep the car on the track, which totally detracts from playability and fun-factor.

    Obviously the main reason we buy and play these games is to have fun, right? But Projects Cars is not fun! It's just frustration.

    And give the tires more fucking grip! Let us turn sharply when and if we need to, that will allow us to play at high speed instead of wiping-out all the time.

    Half the problem is because your version of what you deem a simulator is actually not a simulator at all, just inaccurate coding, cars in real life don't behave that way!

    Clearly you've got the physics coding all wrong! Secondly, there is nothing wrong with arcade-style handling anyway. There seems to be this moronic trend and assumption among car game developers that arcade handling is undesirable, but that simply isn't true, quite the contrary, arcade handling is desirable, it is sensible, and allows us to play the game without causing duress on our concentration; we spend most of our time in Project Cars trying to compensate for the lack of decent physics-coding.

    Arcade car games make millions of dollars around the world for a very good reason, because they are fun, and the handling most of the time is predictable, thus playable! The fact is, by what we see in Project Cars, your understanding of real car physics is lacking, and quite frankly it's ruining the game.

    If I get in a real car and press the accelerator hard to the floor even while slightly turning the wheel at the same time, there is still plenty of traction and grip on the road and predictability to manoeuvre the car while moving forward at pace, and yes, when turning tight corners at high speed in a real car there is some slight sideways slipping-drag but the car still remains glued to the road most times!

    Just because we console players can't program computer code, that doesn't mean we are stupid! Any halfwit on the planet can see that the physics in this game are not representative of reality, and even then, who said we needed or wanted reality?? We just want the cars in the game to be drivable!

    The fact that you released Project Cars in this state means you have no respect for us gamers, or take us for fools, or that you are incompetent, or that you are just in it for the money; nothing good to be said about any of that, right?

    Forget the very few glowing comments in forums, it seems that you have paid fuckwits to go into the forums and talk it up, which is playing dirty against the majority of us gamers. Anyone can see quite frankly how the handling of the cars in your game is atrocious!

    The fact is you need to learn what simplicity is. Forget spending all your time trying to code imaginary physics and just get back to predictable simplicity, good handling and tight grip from the wheels, that would help solve this quagmire. I gave you $99, SO I FUCKING EXPECT YOU TO GIVE ME A PLAYABLE FUCKING GAME!! CAPICHE???

    Another major glaring fault of this game is the braking, even with the brake on the controller fully depressed the car just refuses to slow down quick enough and we are left overshooting the track, this is very obvious, so why couldn't you see this for yourselves before releasing this garbage?? Look at the fucking braking, in real life a car will slow down very quickly under full braking, but your game looks like it's been smoking marijuana.

    You have an obligation to do the right thing and fix this fiasco; recode the physics and handling or give our fucking money back!

    Predictable handling is what we need! Not your trumped-up imaginary shit. Anyone would agree with me that we need a car which can turn tight corners glued to the track (which actually simulates reality), because most cars (and especially all the low centre-of-gravity high-end sports cars like Porsche and Mclaren) can easily stay glued to the track while making tight turns at high-speed, thus if you actually manage to simulate that then we will have liberty to go full tilt and have some fun, feel the vibe and get some decent driving action.

    Forget these fuckwits who crap-on about sim handling, it's all a waste of time, why bother? We buy the game because it's a game, not a simulator teaching us how to drive! Capiche? It's all about fun and predictable handling so that we can go full tilt, hello?
    It didn't take long to realize the shockingly bad faults endemic in this game, I then Googled this > “Project Cars garbage” and in the results showing from the Google search I took a look at the forums, and many were saying exactly the same things I noticed wrong with this game. Here's some comments from other gamers on those forums…

    1: “A high precision racing sim isn’t much fun if the steering doesn’t behave consistently, or is so broken that you can’t drive a street car around the track at a road-legal driving speed. All the control settings in the world won’t fix a game that can’t recognise the controller properly on any setting, or that full locks (in a seemingly random direction) during turns, and for no good reason.”

    2: After everything is said and done, too bad the physics are shit.

    3: Yes, LOL play the game. It’s awful! It’s the same “boats on ice with concrete tires” crap that NFS:Shift was doing 6 years ago. Same engine and all. The FFB is trash, the physics suck, and the AI is garbage.

    4: “Driveclub” on PS4 plays so much better than “Project Cars”, and yet “Driveclub” still continues to improve with updates.

    5: Project Cars is a joke! Very disappointing; how are we expected to drive and manoeuvre cars that are acting all weird and shit? I wish to accelerate and they wish to send me in circles LOL. By the looks of it the developers over-thought the physics engine. Simplicity is key. I wish these coders would get a brain.

    6: Why do you think so many people love Daytona USA at the arcades, and all these years later too. That is not a sim, but it behaves how a race game should, that's why it's so loved and played all these years later, a true classic like most arcade race games; these console developers try to reinvent the wheel (no pun intended) and all we end-up with is garbage.

    7: These types of games are like get-rich-quick schemes. Obviously talented coders are in short supply, and most of them only know the “Maya” animation program, which kind of does all the work for them, but hardly any of them actually know how to program hand-made code worth taking notice of. All graphics and no substance, or as others put it “Style Over Substance”

    I need to know if you're gonna fix this shit! Otherwise i take the game back and never buy your shit again, understand? Don't take us for fucking fools, mate.
    I gave Codemasters 5 long years, year after year giving them my money and the benefit of the doubt. Same fucking garbage EVERY YEAR!! Small tweaks and yet same shit!
    I now will never buy their F1 game again, not until a new developer takes over the franchise. But now this. If you can confirm for me that you are looking at fixing the things i mentioned, then fair enough, but i need to know, otherwise you're another game developer on my black list. I've had a fucking nough!!! Do you actually play this shit yourselves before releasing this garbage?

    Great graphics, great tracks, and lots of potential begging to be had, but are you gonna fulfill that potential with some fine-tuning to the physics-coding? That's the question!

    One other shockingly bad thing. The Formula FA cars, look at the 'bouncing'... up&down/up&down/up&down like a fucking spring-loaded yoyo!!! ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING BLIND?????????????????? Lower the fucking bouncing man!!! It will look far more real if you lower the height of the bouncing by 50% and reduce the frequency (the amount of times it happens) of the bouncing by 33%.

    PS: Let me know. I have goodwill, but not for fuckwits. If you're willing to take action and be reasonable about what is clearly unreasonable with this game, then fine, everyone deserves a few chances, but if you just deny what is obvious glaring faults, then fuck it, you never ever get my money again, and i will murder you in the game forums!

    Do you think i'm joking? Many people agree with my observations because i have a fucking brain to know when things are not right.

    Lower the amount of car genres and tracks in PC 2. Just purge the mediocre shit and give us “QUALITY! Not Quantity!!!!!!! Do you fucking capiche???????
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    Honestly im shocked at your Language... Specially if you are really 43 Years old.

    Project Cars is not an Arcarde Racer and it will never be, nor it was anytime discussed in Developement.

    And why not Download the Patches? It changed VERY MUCH since Patch 3.0...

    Sorry but your Post is mostly usless, since you not even bothering to spend some Time with the Game.

    If you buy Games and test only the 1.0 Versions and also you don't wont to spend Time, then you will be really dissapointed in the Future
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    Feedback on the game Pre-Patch 3.0 is worthless.

    Current version compared to the release version is very different.

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    Overdid the red cordial huh ?

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    If you're 43 years old and expect cars to not understeer when entering corners too fast because that's what you think is what real-life physics dictate, I sincerely hope that for the sake of the people near you you'll never drive a car in real life.
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