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Thread: ESL ProjectCARS 1v1 Cup #2

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    ESL ProjectCARS 1v1 Cup #2 (PC)

    Semi Finals

    TheBoneHead v Mulkkensson
    TonyR v USSRxALeXeR

    Mulkkensson v USSRxALeXeR

    Finals Winner: USSRxALeXeR

    Numbers wise not as many last weeks cup but its been great fun, if you recorded your matches put them in the thread below.

    Sasquatch v Mr Raptor

    Sasquatch v Kroegtijgertje

    Sasquatch Vs USSRxALeXeR (1v1 ESL CUP #2 Winner)
    Not that it made any difference in this battle but i ran out of fuel on the final corner of the final lap, i under-fueled - Huge mistake
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