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Thread: Return to LeMans

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    Return to LeMans

    Here I am, see the community event "Return to LeMans" and want to know more about it.
    I can't find anything, why do I want to know more.
    It says, "Aston Martin Expansion" required.
    As far as I am concerned, the only time I found this expansion mentioned, was during the beta and community testing.
    There is none to be found after the release of the Game.
    So, is there anyone that can explain what the community event "Return to LeMans" does mean, or is it just a place holder?
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    The Aston Martin Expansion will be the next DLC that will be released this month.
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    Great event! Must be clean and smooth and fast! Find out which corners you can go flat out and begin tightening up each lap. Best of luck mates!


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    Has nobody else seen the glaring error?

    "Relive the excitement of the 1959 24 hours of Le Mans!"

    Did the DBR1-2 get sent back in time by Doctor Who, or Dr Emmett Brown?

    Or was this event supposed to run with the DBR 1/300, which got 1st and 2nd place in the 1959 real event?
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