I hope I can verbalize this clearly....On the loading screens when entering your career, sometimes the fuel gets screwed up as in 1 liter for every lap, then when entering into game it says the same lap number but there is not enough fuel as it has recorded the correct amount. I exit out all the way and then back into the same screen and tada! fixed. Happens too often and is annoying.

Another little annoyance, : There is no "save while in the pits" option for long races, takes the fun out of it a little. Sega Genesis did this in the 90's, why cant we do this in this far superior game?

And another? Custom championships. We cant. Why not? I would love to set up a custom championship including more than just 3-4 tracks. Kind of like an option on the solo races. Can we please set up more than one track at a time and be able to save it in solo mode?

Other than that I love this game so addicting. Gotta get a race in a day.