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Thread: Project Cars Too Good To Be True?

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    Project Cars Too Good To Be True?

    The first time I fired up Project Cars I was completely blown away by the graphics, after playing a few other racing games like F1 2010 - F1 2014, Grid Series, Toca Race Driver Series, Forza Series, PGR Series, Grand Prix 4 etc etc it was apparent this game is in another league.

    The handling of the cars was not the best until I got my Xbox 360 controller settings sorted out and got all the updates.

    I even compared videos of "real" racing cars on Youtube to PC and I can say that SMS has done a fine job, the cars are responsive, predictable, even the AI is predictable, I never thought I would see a game that has so much "atmosphere" to it. The sound is fantastic, the graphics, the cars the tracks it's all good. Another game I tried made it feel like you were piloting a plane going down a runway instead of driving a car, but people seem to love it, good for them, but IMHO PC is the best car game I have played.

    Sure there should be animated pit stops like in F1 and I hope they are coming, and the ability to mod the cars would be good also, but I am not complaining at all.

    This is one great game, and to the people who say it's not a real sim, name one racing game that actually simulates real racing, if you do you are fooling yourself, no game really simulates real racing.

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    Being realistic, I don't know Forza well enough to comment on how it compared to that, but I can imagine there's slim competition on consoles at the moment, especially the PS4. When it comes to the PC however, it's a great game but not in a league of its own, when it's also comparing to Raceroom, Assetto Corsa, iRacing and rFactor2 which are all superb in their own right. I would also count in DiRT Rally to the equation on PC.

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    Have you ever have tried GTL or GTR2?
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    Each sim has its own approach and its own strong and weak points. pCARS focuses on handling (tyre model) and the sandbox approach to be able to do what you want, when you want it. Both were thought to be what sim racers would really like, and it was something different especially on consoles from the established racing games.

    I find the thread title a bit extreme pCARS is great, but not perfect. There are other great games out there with unique offerings, and we are fortunate that we are able to enjoy them all.
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    From a Console Point of View i can Say that PCars is the Best Sim Racing Game to Date... FM6 is absolutely Garbage!!! IMO... I Have it and it is unplayable... Looks ok but still Arcade like Graphics.... The Killing point of FM6 for Me is the use of 270°DOR I can't even turn the wheel 1/4 of a turn without Spinning the Car.... Not to Mention the FFB makes My V2 feel like its a Huge wind up Spring inside of it... No Real FFB just a Spring Feel with Rumble to it...JMO... Some people Luv it.

    The FFB for PS4/XB1 PCars is just as Good as Assetto Corsa on PC... I have them all and Compared them all... I do prefer PS4 version.. Only Problem is Tweeking the FFB can be Time Consuming and a Head Ache if you Dont know How or Dont Take your time to Tweek it to your Personal Taste... FFB that works for me may Not be right for you but it can be a base starting point to get the feel you want.... Tweek your own FFB is the Best idea in Sim Racing thus far!!!
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