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Thread: PCar's 2, so what features would you like? Nothing bug or issue related

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    PCar's 2, so what features would you like? Nothing bug or issue related

    So what features would you like to see in PCar's 2 that are not in PCar's.

    I like to see:
    1/ custom championships

    2/ coop career mode

    3/ locked cars that only open when you've earnt next league licence then you should be given a choice of car-team.

    4/ A better fleshed out career with licences, trophy cabinet, team mates, pit garage (similar to code masters F1)

    5/ non scripted weather

    6/ more helpful crew chief / radio guy

    7/ a better thought out tune/save system ( maybe something like Forza use?)

    8/ more online features

    9/ ways to compare with friends, car - track combos?

    10/ online, choose your own number and colour then add a decal set.

    Over to you guys, please keep it respectful
    Apologies Grammar not so great, building skills first class

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    Umer Ahmad
    For now we will delay the pacrs2 discussions and focus on pcars1. In the future we may open up a pcars2 subforum.
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