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Thread: how can I select a skin for the car I drive in off line races?

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    how can I select a skin for the car I drive in off line races?

    I seem to only be able to drive random skins. I cannot select one of the pre loaded skins or the custom skin I have inserted into the game.

    Is this normal, or can I select a skin for the car I am driving?


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    Go to youre Garage -> Choose the class from the car you will drive -> choose youre manufactury -> go to the car you will drive (DONT MOUSECLICK THE CAR!!) -> You can see now under the carīs name the "Team", you can change the Team/Livery by clicking the arrows -> After a few clicks you will have the custom livery -> Now you can Mouseclick the car and rive with youre custom liverie

    Thats all

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    Some photos in the following thread which may help:
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    I just fixed the same problem for myself. Once you reach the car selection screen, go into My Garage, then select your car and livery. Once you select it, and are returned back to the screen with the list of cars to choose from, DON'T select the car from the list on the left, just press Esc. Now, when you start the race, your livery should be selected!

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