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Thread: I think I've found a solution....

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    I think I've found a solution....

    Concerning the qualifying bug since patch 4.0.
    Myself and three friends were racing in a private lobby with some AI, and it seems that if everyone that's a real person sets a Laptime, the grid does not get randomised. We did about four different races, all of which were different cars at different locations and the grids were what they should have been. It's only when we got to racing F1 cars that one person didn't set a time and the grid got randomised.

    Now this only after five or so races. And hasn't happened consistently enough over a long enough period of time for me to be fully sure that this is the case.

    Either way I thought I should post this in case nobody else had noticed this happening.
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    I think I found another solution - SMS should fix all this f***ing bugs. Simple as that.
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    i've noticed this bug in single-player, so your work around doesn't help me ,but thanks for trying.

    Quote Originally Posted by AfterAll14 View Post
    I think I found another solution - SMS should fix all this f***ing bugs. Simple as that.'re not helping
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    Never had the qualifying bug in single player. You've just got to let the session finish on it's own. I don't even speed the session up, I just leave it in realtime.

    ps. the above applies to career races only.

    Just did a quick race for Formula B at Brno qualified 17th but was started on pole. Hell there is a bug!
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