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I ordered the knob off Amazon.UK and it came with everything needed for an easy install on the TH8A shifter.

The inside diameter of the knob is too big to use the threads on the shaft of the TH8A. They provide three different black plastic " sleeves " of different circumference on the inside. The outside circumference fits the knob. So you pick the one sleeve that fits on the TH8A and slide and twist it down over the threads on the shaft which fits really snug and then place the knob on the sleeve. They also supply the needed screws and the wrench to tighten then knob down. It should be noted that the screws tighten to the sleeve but the sleeve is still free to spin on the shaft of the shifter. However, it fits so snug I don't see it being a problem and not moving unless you are rough on the knob and try really hard to twist it.

Very easy to put on with everything needed supplied. Also a quick and easy removal when you want to switch from gated to sequential.

No worries so go get you one
Thanks for the reply mate - much appreciated. I invested in it and don't regret it - but your comments were much appreciated.