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Thread: Anybody want to join a casual, clean, weekend league?

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    Red face Anybody want to join a casual, clean, weekend league?

    Hello PC PS4 racers.

    I am currently involved with two weekend leagues. One with my cousin running and another.

    It is very enjoyable and exceptionally competitive. But despite all the fun. The direction of my cousins league is to directly mimic the stipulations of the pure sim on Pc, iRacing (apologies for name dropping the enemy here) but this takes all the fun out of the racing for me. Everything from forcing manual gearing and helmet view.

    To me, a casual gamer who enjoys racing games of a more arcade nature I cannot bring myself to do this. (Cue hatred from hardcore sim racers) No I won't just "go buy need for speed" I enjoy PCARS as a game. Realistic but still fun (despite certain glitches and patch issues)

    So the point of this rant.
    I want to setup a league myself. Clean racers only to eliminate the Destructo Derby alot of randoms tend to race with.

    I have created a community on PS4 called "Race of the week" my ps4 gamer tag is the same as my Pc forum name. Anybody who is interested please come into the community and we can run a democratic approach to the league. Voting on tracks, Car class, restrictions and anything people have issues or concerns about.

    1 catch, you must sit a driving test with me to be accepted into the league so I can explain the rules (which I will be working on now) and see how you fair under race conditions.

    Apologies for the novel, anyone interested? Reply on here or search my username/community name on psn.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Where can I find this PS4 community?
    You can add me: hydemi

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