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Thread: Bug Report - Invitations Not Working

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    Bug Report - Invitations Not Working

    Afternoon everyone,

    Playing through my career and I've got some invitations that will not unlock when I've met the correct requirements. As you can see, I've completed 150+ races so far. 1900km and 7 wins. However, it has not unlocked the invitation for 175 laps complete. Which it has to be with 150 races, obviously.

    Secondly, the invitation for 5 Best Qualifying times. I've had quite a few poles. Certainly into double figures - no luck!

    This has been the case in both 4.0 and 5.0. My career and entire saved profile was deleted when 4.0 was released and I created an all fresh profile for 4.0. So a fresh profile will not fix this.
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