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Thread: Career weekend, realistic Setup restrictions

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    Career weekend, realistic Setup restrictions

    For immersion and realism, strategy and planning aspects, it might be nice to have the setup options restricted across different sessions of a race weekend.

    On a most basic level this feature would amount to setup options that take considerable mechanic time to be disabled outside of "Practice 1" and "Practice 2". Qualifying would have a further limited set of options, leaving very little tunable on race day.

    On a grander scale this feature could take into account how long a particular setup change is likely to take. Say for example changing spring rates on a car might take your mechanics an hour or two. Compared with a camber change which might be done in 5 minutes. Changing gear ratios might be a few hours, where as changing aero settings might take 20 seconds.

    This amount of time could be deducted from your session remaining time.

    This would mean that "Free practice" testing sessions asides where there is no time limit (but the time of day might advance) you have to be careful about what you change on the car.

    This would be more realistic. At the moment you can pull into the pits in a 1 hour qualifying session, change gear ratios, spring and damper rates, ride height and caster and be back out on track in 5 seconds. In reality your mechanics would probably be pulling an all nighter in a factory team and working every evening and all weekend for an amateur team.

    For setup realism gurus this would add the effect of focusing dialing in the simple things to change, like tyre pressures, aero, camber, etc. Just like in the real world. You won't see a group N rally car up on axle stands having the spring changed at a local circuit level race day. If they need a setup change they will try and see what they can achieve with what they can realistically get done at the track/service.

    Just a thought for the back burner.
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