I've noticed since patch 6.0 that after completing a Career session it takes a long time, like 15-30 seconds before I'm able to click A and open the "congratulation, You've got mail!" notification while the Save icon in the lower right corner of the screen is ticking away.

Is this related to that patch note: " Fixed a power-down timing related save data corruption issue." ?

Does this mean that this is an attempt to fix the save corruption issues I've been going insane about for the last few months? (I've been AFK on these forums for the last 2-3 weeks with tons of work, so if this is old news please forgive me).

If this delay is related to that:

If it isn't related to that, or is indirectly related to that, even still, Thank you! I'm sure there will be some fool some time soon that will complain about not being able to act as soon as they exit a career session, but if this delay is to ensure save file/cloud sync is completed before further action is taken that could possibly cause corruption and loss of Save Data, OMFG THANK YOU.

(I don't know if this delay is affecting other game modes or not, I've only played career since I've gotten the time to start playing again.)