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Thread: Free Practice: Make Pitting Useful

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    Free Practice: Make Pitting Useful

    As it stands right now. If you enter a session in Free Practice mode (on PC, not sure about XB1/PS4), you will be able to drive around to your hearts content... until you run out of fuel. The issue here lies in the fact that, if you drive into the pits, you won't stop for a top-up but instead drive straight through. Even if you are low enough to where your fuel light is on the game just drives you through the pit lane and spits you back out on track.

    As I see it, there's a couple of things here that could be done to rectify this.

    1. Cause the car to pit "normally" and fill up with fuel/replace tires as necessary. You stop, they fix you up, you get back on your merry way.

    2. Pitting in executes the same function as pausing and hitting "return to pit box". The car pulls into the pit stall (like a normal pit stop) then moves to it's setup spot and presents the garage screen where you can choose to drive back out, or make tweaks to the car. As an added bonus, if you just hit "drive" the car drives back out on track with a renewed fuel load but the same tires as you entered on. If you make any tweaks to the car (or if the tire(s) are below 25% life left) you get a new set of tires.

    This would make FP mode ever so slightly better and would give people who use it to tweak FFB and/or other settings a bit more immersion and use out of FP mode.

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    Agreed, this is one of those minor things that annoys me regarding free practice.
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    Agree as well, would be nice to have it, but doubt we will get it.
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