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I absolutely love this dlc and picked it up as soon as it was available (old Grand Prix Legends addict so how could I resist lol). My only complaint about it is the lack of competitiveness of the AI. Even running them at 100% on these tracks doesn't make them competitive especially at Hockenheim where they are just way too slow. Even starting from the back of the grid I was able to reach first place by the exit of the third chicane and build up a massive lead. Any chance this can be looked at. The Classic cars in general are just not competitive enough, even those originally in the game.

I still love this dlc though... fantastic fun and always brings a big smile to my face
I agree. The Lotus DLC was fantastic. We had a league based around the Lotus Classics at the time this came out (and still do) and imagine our surprise! But practice is solo, and as a...ahem..."slow" driver, I second the statement that the classic A.I. are just not up to speed. (And the "medium" 1970 tire is much faster than the "soft" 1972 slick tire?). Even at 100% they are easily lapped at all tracks.