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Thread: Why is the AI swap driver so slow while chewing through tires?

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    Why is the AI swap driver so slow while chewing through tires?

    I like to finish the 24 HR races on a short duration and also have the AI swap driver run some of the time while I do things around the house. I give the driver a 30 second lead or so and the lead is gone within a few laps. In the mean time the driver manages to wear a set of tires out well before the fuel no matter what compound I run.

    Are there any ways to increase the competency of the AI swap driver? Can you make it drive better without killing tires and managing wear vs fuel burn?

    It is frustrating.

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    Don't know if you can make them drive quicker/smoother, but one piece of advice I will give you is to turn off flags & penalties, otherwise you will get disqualified for cutting too many corners and have a whole new reason to curse your AI colleague.
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    I believe a number of factors may be at play when it comes to the AI co-driver. Car and track likely impact his ability to get around the track the most, just as the case for regular AI. For instance, I've done the Panorama 25h twice now in both the Ruf and the Scion. In the Ruf, he averaged 10-12 seconds off my pace per lap whereas in the Scion, he was anywhere from 12-20 seconds off pace per lap. In the Nurburgring 25h, he was only 5-10 seconds off my pace, iirc. However, in the 24h of Le Mans, there were times where he atually outpaced me by a second or two. He surprisingly could get up to speed much quicker on the straights than I could and appeared to top out 2-3 mph better than I could despite no change in the car.

    I've also run a few QRWs with the co-driver and had a wide variety of times, though most all were slower than my times. I don't know how much the AI % plays into the co-driver's ability only because he was just as much off the remaining AI's pace as he was mine, except, again, in the case of Le Mans where he actually clocked the fastest lap of the race.

    The biggest problem I've seen when it comes to the co-driver is his driving style is incredibly timid. He has a very hard time passing other cars, be it for position or lapped traffic. Whereas I've seen regular AI take risks or get a little racy at times, the co-driver will constantly second guess the situation or even back off while having all the space in the world to make a pass. I've watched him lose over three minutes in a matter of laps because of how much he'll struggle just to get around the slowest of lapped traffic.

    Haven't noticed him killing tires. From what I've observed, he appears to be running about the same amount of wear that I am after a single stint. If anything, I wish there was an ability to preset the pit strategy so he can double stint a set of tires without having to be present every time he makes a stop. I'm sick of him losing boatloads of time because he's putting on a fresh set of rubber every stop even when it's unnecessary. If there is a way to do that already, and I'm just overlooking it, would love to know how to do it.

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    The driver isn't bad at LeMans, the times are slow but he destroys the tires. I had to set the fuel for 50L so he wouldn't drive around on worn out tires and come in for a scheduled stop.

    At Bathurst he drives so slow that he went from a 30 sec lead to 12th place before I made him pit after only 20 minutes of driving. The tire management at Bathurst was better but without seeing temps you can't see how hard the tires are being worked.

    I just don't see why the co-driver is so bad. A normal race team wouldn't let some clown go out there and ruin all the work, why would I expect my AI co driver to be so inept?

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