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Thread: SMS-R Round 12: LMP2 at Willow Springs

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    SMS-R Round 12: LMP2 at Willow Springs

    Hi everyone. The next round of the SMS-R Driver Network Championship, LMP2 at Willow Springs is now open. Head to the Community Events tab in the game's main menu to enter!

    As with all SMS-R events, the white lines at the edge of the tarmac define the track limits. Any driver who puts all four wheels outside the white lines on the inside or outside of the circuit at any point will have that lap excluded from the results.

    Please be especially careful at the exit of the final turn, however we will be watching for exploitation of track limits at all corners, as we do in every event.

    Most drivers behaved very well during the previous SMS-R Round at Bathurst, so please let's continue that at Willow Springs too.

    Good luck on the track!
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    LMP2 at willow springs, that horrible track... sounds like a pretty boring combination :/

    Ofc everyone behaved on Bathrust, because that track has lots of wall protecting the track limits
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    Any racing is good but.....a better car would be a RUF, Willow Springs has a lot of Porsche Owners Club racing in real life.

    There is practice almost every week.

    My guess is that there has never been a LMP2 car on the track
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    What I love about Willow Springs, besides it being the only track I could test on at one point during development with my old 8800GTS 512, is that the layout suggests downforce is king... But it is all about how low you can run the wings for better acceleration and top speed on the straights and then keep it on the island through the sweeping bends!

    This morning I did a default setup run of 60mins in my first attempt at this event, with no exploits and just auto clutch assist, best time of ~1min5.1 secs on lap 11.

    During the last 10 or so laps of my 52 lap stint, I had no tread showing on the front tyres, was well over 10 seconds off my best time and a major struggle to keep the car on-track!
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    Man this is probably my favourite event, i love fast tracks without chicanes and hairpins and i love lmp2

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good evening, we asked ourselves the questions last night about the time difference between PC and consoles. Indeed, no fewer than four drivers are in 1.01.6 on PC when no player is below 1.02.2 on console. Our friend Finpro ( 1.01.6 ) give us his setup so that we try to see the difference. Could not do better than 1.02.2 on PS4.
    So I decided to do a time on PC to see the difference. With the same setup I immediatly made 1.01.8 which confirms the gap between PC and consoles.
    I don't know where the difference is coming from, maybe the different version of PC 6.2 and console 6.0.
    Seeing this i think it's preferable for fair play to cancel the round.

    Videos will come soon.

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    EDIT :

    Hello, you can only see a time of 1.02.0 on my PC. I had done a 1.01.8 but my computer has freeze and it has not saved my time. I bought the game on PC last night only to demonstrate the difference that exists between the platforms. My game was choppy and turn 30 fps but I still managed to beat my PS4 time. I'll try this afternoon to show you a lap as I promised. To wait i put my 1.02.222 on PS4.

    If you can, try and you'll see what i mean. I hope you understand my position, I had no interest in buying the game on PC at 22h00 if there were no difference. I talk with Slux GTurbo, STD rs team, Carburateur 83 and they all told me that it was not possible to go down to 1.01 and more Finpro give me his set and i wasn't able to do better than a 1.02.2... We are talking about 6 tenths difference on a 1min lap, it's obvious...

    Best regards.

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    Hi Atho. We have been investigating this today, but have not yet reached a conclusion. We will keep you updated with our progress.
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    Hello everyone,

    Already congratulations to all competitors because it was a very tight round.

    This is not the first time that a carrier is faster than the other ...

    A simple example ....

    Round 11 - Spa-Francorchamps

    The first 4 are players with PS4 9/10 differences on the first PC ... and with more than one second differences with the first Xbox gamers ... and yet no one has asked to cancel the round ...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If a benefit y'avais why F1- Masa who wins the round 14 , he finds himself only has 1/10 of its time TSR Atho PS4 ...

    The only reason TSR Atho wants to cancel the round is that I managed to retrieves my late and we end up the same number of points.

    I see that when I win a race , he asks for canceled as you canceled the round 14 on the Nurburgring when I was first !

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    I think Atho has valid point there and im sure also other console gamers are asking the same questions. Sonik can also prove theory wrong by setting same kind of lap on PS4 that he set on PC.

    As much as i want to see myself among the top on leaderboard, i have to admit that there might be difference on platforms...
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