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Thread: Bugs or Problems with "force default setup" option (private multiplayer races)

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    Exclamation Bugs or Problems with "force default setup" option (private multiplayer races)

    Hi Team

    To start, I have to say the option to force a default setup for all players in a multiplayer private race is a good thing. I'm happy with that.
    In our case, we play on "pro" championships (with setups, lot of preparations..), and we are very happy to play "just for fun" sometimes with this option.
    So it is a good feat

    But... there is some bugs with it in different cases. I decide to spend time to explain what I saw in different conditions and races we do with friends. Maybe it can help the team to fix problems.

    Problem 1: Weather change
    In a Formula C race @ Zolder. With 20 laps. Sync Weather with 4 conditions : rainy, sunny, cloudy, rainy.
    Mandatory PIT: yes, Fuel consumption: Real, Tyre wear: Real.
    - Everyone start the race with RAIN tires : OK
    - When it became to be sunny, I came to pits: The crew change my tires for SLICK tires : GREAT !
    - At the end of the race, when it start to rain again, I came to pits: The crew did not change my tires at all. I try to go in pits every lap to understand when it will be possible, but nothing happens: No other choice for me than finishing the race with SLICK tires on the wet track
    When weather change ? does the 25% wear rule is always in priority ?

    Problem 2: No the same fuel level for each players
    For exemple with a BMW 320 TC race in Oschersleben GP, most players start qualify with 3.8Liters.
    This race was with default setup=yes, fuel consumption=real, consumption=real, mandatory pit=false, qualify=30 min, race=30laps.
    First time I train for this event, I had 3.8 Liters to.
    But the next days, every time I do a private multiplayer races with BMW 320 TC in Oschersleben GP, I start qualify with 45L.
    Impossible for me to find what I change... Impossible to have only 3.8L again.
    Do you know why ?
    In race, i do not remember how much exactly, but same problem : some players start with 45L (do not need to pit), others with more less (and they need to pit)

    Problem 3: Pit crew never change tires when Fuel consumption option is OFF
    We decide to do again the same Formula C race (same than in problem1) but I just turn off Fuel consumption (because of problem 2).
    This time, it was just impossible to change tires in pits: every time you go to pit, with any weather condition, with any tire wear... the crew just add fuel (why? the consumption is off) but never change tires. I think it is a double bug :
    - Why adding fuel when fuel consumption is off ?
    - Why tire wear OFF prevents tire changes ? I reproduce this bug on other races with fuel consumption is off even if weather is always sunny.

    How to deal with now (v6.0)
    If you want to race with friends without car setups, just to have fun, the best thing to do is :
    - Turn off : Mandatory PIT: No, Fuel consumption: None, Tyre consumption: None.
    It avoids problem with tires and avoids some players have to do a pit stop. Of course it is a little sad.
    - Second important thing to do is to not mix wet and dry conditions because it is impossible to have the right tires.

    In the future ?
    Of course it will be a good thing to fix these bugs.
    Maybe a simple way is to allow players to setup ONLY fuel and tires type in setup screen and strategy screen and to lock anything else ?
    I think it will be more clever. These elements are not really "setup" stuff. It is more about strategy. And player could chose himself.

    Thanks for listening.
    I know how it is difficult to fix software bugs...
    See you

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    These bugs are already here in v8.0.
    Is they are a better way to help ? (an official and serious bug report post, or something like that) ?

    Thanks all

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    Some info on Problem 2 (Others will probably have more accurate info on the other issues)
    But If you have saved a custom setup for that car, then that forces you to carry maximum fuel when using forced default setups.
    I'm not 100% sure if the custom setup has to be for that track, but possibly if you have made a custom setup for that car at all (any track) then it may cause this result

    I think there has been other posts about issues with forced default setups that may cover issues 1 / 3 but I have no personal experience with those (I don't tend to drive Forced defaults) > We are planning a Renault 3.5 league, to use default setups, and I am not risking making any custom setups for that car just in case (The other default setup races I've had, I've also had full fuel tank.... very frustrating to be carrying more weight around than other, especially in Formula cars..

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