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Yes, a reproduce. a made some changes on the code to use de Pcars 2 UDP parametes and to use a ESP32 and a TFT display.

but i'm having some problems with the timings pack. i can't find on the udp pack the current lap time and other times and i don't know how to convert the info to the format 00:00.000

someone can help?

How far are you? and willing to share the code?

I am quite far, (but not workings on the timing). i am working on making it UDP version independent, and to get the code working more efficiently.
Carflags 6 and 7 don't seem to work (ESP and TCS) and can't calculate the fuel lavel correctly.

now working with racestate and gamestate, but those bits also arn't what i am expecting of it.

am thinking of publishing the code, just to share and hopefully, to get some help/feedback.